Myo Fascial Release Practitioner and Deep Tissue Sports Injury Massage 

MFR – Myo Fascial Release – Myo means muscle Fascia is band and Release is Release.

The MFR approach is a form of hands on skin, soft tissue therapy used to treat somatic dysfunction which has caused pain and restriction of movement. The idea is to relax contracted muscles thereby increasing lymphatic drainage, increasing circulation and stimulating the stretch reflex of muscles and fascia. 

Fascia is a soft connective tissue that lies underneath your skin and goes into all your muscles, joints, bones, arteries, veins, brain and eyes, providing support and protection for most structures within the body. 

Fascia becomes irritated and results in local inflammation. Evidence shows that Fascia can be damaged by both mental and physical impact. When we practice myofascial release, we work with the fascia to rehydrate the connective tissue.

Findings recently suggest that the fascia holds memory and therefore when the fascia is damaged even if it’s from being born into the world traumatically, this can then be reflected in how we feel on an emotional and physical level later in our lives. 

What you might feel

Patients who come to me quite often have tried everything else for their chronic injuries, pain, and reduced mobility. Some patients will feel very little going on, and others are extremely sensitive and will feel hot or cold lines running through their body, pins and needles, cry, clench fists or feel totally relaxed like they’ve been asleep for a week. Patients quite often ring me a few days later saying they went home and slept for hours and hours. This is fantastic as the body is healing. 

Therefore, by working with the fascia you can really start to work with some deep-seated ailments, helping to lead you back to optimal health.

Scar Tissue work

Myo facial release works on Reducing pain and restriction (including cording and dragging). Reducing adhesions on both a superficial level and deep within the system. It will enhance movement of the surrounding tissues, and this can reduce pulling and sticking. It will also restore nerve function including numbness, pain and sensitivity creating better internal function.

After Scar tissue work the adhesions will feel smoother and ‘ not sticky’.

'I welcome challenge and change and my passion is my work.’

  Jenna Stimpson

Jenna began her journey as a massage therapist in 1998 going on to work in Gym environments predominantly working on Sports injuries using deep tissue and remedial massage techniques.

Jenna felt that there were always bits of the puzzle still missing and having had Myo Fascial Release treatment herself after a riding accident, she decided to look into Myo Fascial Release ( MFR) to augment her own practice.

Jenna started the Advanced Myo Fascial Release practitioner course in 2015 gaining distinction in her final exam.

She is involved in a wide range of sports herself which is invaluable in recognising the onset of specific injuries their set up (why they occured in the first place) and how to follow up from the point of injury to full recovery. Jenna works tirelessly to get her clients pain free, repaired and re balanced in mind and body.

Jenna continues to broaden her knowledge and experience in Sports Injury Management, Remedial Massage and now Myo Fascial Release work since 1998 and has worked with Barnstaple Rugby club doing pitch side First Aid, Taping, Strapping and treating Injuries.

Jenna plays Hockey for Taw Valley ladies 1st team and has trained for and completed several triathlons. 

Jenna’s goal is to treat the body as a whole and has found quite often that when people come to her with a problem for example in their knee, it may be direct ,or it may often be referred pain. She looks at the “whys and hows” and what can we do to alter setups and improve outcomes with stretching, adjustments and home follow on techniques such as foam rolling. 

‘It is rare that only one thing is needing to be considered or is requiring just a “quick fix”. The rewarding ”long term fix” comes when we examine the “whole” and work with muscle tension and inflammation within the body.’

You’ll notice the word “we”, this is because it’s a joint effort in getting things right between Jenna and her patient. 

Jenna has had wide experience and success in working with a variety of conditions including, frozen shoulder, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, bursitis, head aches, lock jaw, children with ADHD, scar tissue following C section, tissue trauma from snake bite, ankle fractures that have been plated, sciatica, emotional trauma and so much more.

Jenna has good set of testimonials from a wide range of patients.

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