Nutritional Therapy and Functional Medicine


Nutritional Therapy is the application of nutrition science in the promotion of health, peak performance and individual care. Nutrients and other food components influence the function of the body, protect against disease, restore health, and influence how we adapt to stress and changes in our environment. Diet can be a serious risk factor for disease. Conversely, a diet that suits can turn around health problems.


Each of us is unique and each of us has different dietary and nutritional needs. This is partly due to genetics, and partly due to environmental challenges. For instance, some people are more susceptible to food sensitivities, some people may need more of certain nutrients in order to support aspects of healthy function; and some may need a temporary change in nutrition in order to address current life circumstances. All of us can benefit from a diet that helps to improve our resilience to stress and environmental pollution. Nutritional therapy acknowledges that each of us is unique in our genetic makeup and life circumstances and that individually tailored plans are likely to get better results.


The Functional Medicine model is an individualized, science-based approach that looks to address the underlying causes of disease. Functional Medicine goes into greater depth to focus on the common underlying mechanisms of disease that may manifest in different ways, depending on the individual, their strengths and weaknesses, stresses and needs. Whilst diagnosis is useful (you have high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome or whatever) it is just a part of the picture. It's like looking at only the tip of the iceberg when most of it lies beneath the water. Symptoms are clues to underlying body system imbalances, particularly when considered within the context of each person's life story and family history. Rather than simply relieving symptoms, we want to get to their root cause, give the body the tools it needs to deal with them and allow the body to heal naturally.


The Consultation


You will need to complete a detailed health questionnaire beforehand. Your consultation involves analysis of your health questionnaire, a detailed health history, and an energy scan with NES Provision. A Health Programme is sent to you after your consultation. Your initial consultation aims to get to the root and give you guidance on what you can do right now to kick-start healing and bring your body into balance.  Follow-up consultations assess your progress, help you to stay on track, and look at the next steps towards reaching your health goals.


Functional and genetic testing can give more detailed information if needed.


* Initial consultation - £115.00 - (90 minutes)


* Follow up consultation - £75.00 - (60 minutes)


* Initial consultation + 2 follow-ups - £225.00


Sue Lovemore is a registered nutritional therapist.

What can nutritional therapy and functional medicine help with?

It has the potential to help with any health goal or condition, including


  • lack of energy

  • stress, anxiety and depression

  • allergies and food intolerance

  • digestive issues

  • poor memory or concentration

  • skin and joint issues

  • pain and repair

  • immune issues

  • sport and performance

  • rejuvenation and anti-ageing




There is a web-like interaction between mind and body and between our hormonal, immune, detoxification, digestive and nervous systems that maintains balance and harmony and our experience of well-being. Some of the underlying factors that influence our experience of health and disease are:


  • Nutritional deficiencies and imbalances

  • Digestion and absorption of nutrients

  • Balance of flora in the digestive tract

  • Food sensitivities

  • Environmental allergies

  • Hormonal regulation

  • Elimination of environmental toxins

  • Production of energy and blood sugar control

  • Immune system function

  • Inflammatory responses

  • Structural integrity

  • Emotional and spiritual balance