Molford House Surgery

What is sports and remedial massage?

Sports and remedial massage is used to treat and maintain soft tissues and joint health in both the athlete and non-athlete.

How does it work?

Deep tissue massage is used in combination with deep tissue oscillation, ultrasound and soft tissue techniques to relax tired and overworked muscles and to treat pain and trauma, resulting from incorrect training practice, overuse, poor posture or faulty biomechanics.

Exercise, core stability training and stretching are used to retrain weak or overworked muscles in order to restore muscle balance.

Regular sports and remedial massage can:

  • prevent injury
  • aid injury recovery
  • help you to train longer and more often
  • help eliminate tension and stress
  • increase flexibility and circulation

Who is it for?

Almost anyone can benefit from sports and remedial massage. It is not just for sporting individuals. Some people choose to have a sports massage regularly to reduce the effect of regular training or working positions.

What does sports and remedial massage treat?

  • Pain and muscle stress
  • Muscle stiffness
  • Help localised blood flow
  • Problem areas before they become injuries
  • Build up of lactic acid that cause stiffness after training


* One hour - £40